In 1933 the Institute of Agriculture was established. For the first time, the study of geology was carried out in the Geology Department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences in this institute. Prof. Dr. Salomon Calvi, one of the German scientists who came to Turkey during WWII, contributed greatly to the establishment of the geology department. It is possible to find the evidence of these contributions among the collections of today’s “Geological Museum”. Ankara University Science Faculty was founded in 1943. Geology chair was established within the Department of Natural Sciences of this faculty and geology education continued in this way until 1965 within the Department of Natural Sciences. In 1965, the Department of Geology was established as part of the Faculty of Science of the Ankara University and until 1972, geologists were raised in this department. In 1972, the Geology Department was restructured according to the requirements of that day and changed its name to Department of Geological Engineering.